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Good First Messages for Online Dating

Whenever starting dating, there is always something new that you need to take into consideration: the fact that you need to put a bit of effort into what you are trying to do. Having a plan when getting into talking to someone for the first time might not hurt for the long run. 

There are several tactics that a new guy or a girl who is looking for a partner needs to take into consideration when starting online chatting. Here are some ideas for messages for online dating. 

Keep in mind that these are first messages in order to be able to break the ice. 

“Hi, my name is X”

This is the classical approach. It is classy and easy to take into consideration and it is a great approach. It is simple so as not confuse anyone. This is better than trying to complicate things if you do not know with what to start. Whatever the case, this will work wonders for the long run. If the person responds to the question, you can continue on making a referral to what you do and other things. Never forget to ask the other person the same questions as well in order to not appear to self-absorbed. 

“Do you like pizza or burritos?”

This is a great and fun ice breaker. This way you ask what is something that the other person likes and if you like the same things as well. It is also a good joke and it can lead to many replies in many forms. This way you can realize if the other person has actually a sense of humor or not. You can have a laugh about it on the long-run. 

“Cats or dogs?”

Since there is an entire debate nowadays online whether people like cats or dogs and which are the cutest., why not use it in order to start a conversation as well. You might get into some polemics for a joke and you can decide whether this is a thing that can determine your compatibility or not. Try to keep it casual throughout the conversation and maybe add some photos of cute dogs or cats as well. 

“What is your favorite city in the world?”

This is a light and legitimate question and it can open easily the conversation. Everyone seems to be passionate about traveling and living the nomad lifestyle nowadays so why not play on it. It will be easy to answer and you can take it from there. Also, it will give the other person the chance to actually rediscover some memories from the past years and give it a fuzzy feeling. 

These are some simple and yet effective messages to break the ice when starting a conversation with someone online. The first impression can open doors for you so you need to keep it casual and simple and funny. That will say a lot of things about you too and the way you like to socialize.